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Colon Colon

Lord Cobra


Lord Cobra - Colon Colon

It appears in the “Panama! 3” compilation album by Soundway Records.


Cobra, who died in 2000, was a Panamanian bartender-turned singer, and his work has appeared on the past two compilations in the 
Panama! series. In “Colón Colón,” from 1971’s Tamayo, we find Cobra taking a dark approach to calypso, complete with minor guitars and mournful backup singers. But his words expose the song as a proud display of territorial egoism. Cobra doesn’t hesitate to sing the praises of his hometown, proclaiming, “If you really want to have some fun, just come to Colón.” It took nearly 40 years for the message to arrive, but better late than never.

A record review by Eric Jackson:
Lord Cobra died a Pentacostalist, but I don’t know what he believed all those years when he tended bar in Colon. In 1970, along with his band of the time, the Pana-Afro Sounds, he covered the Lloyd Thomas calypso classic “Rocombey:”

One night I took a chance

And I went to a Voodoo dance

I was looking for new romance

That’s why I went to the Voodoo dance

Did he get saved, then lost? Or lost, then saved?

Fortunately, some of the late Wilfred Berry’s (Lord Cobra’s) music has been saved, even if he was so horribly ripped off in his lifetime that he never received a penny in royalties from the five albums he recorded or the 43 songs he wrote. With this compilation, however, there is a hope that the musicians who made these 15 tracks between 1965 and 1975 will see some justice and some recognition, though it will surely not be enough. 

Cuenta la historia oficial que Vasco Núñez de Balboa fue el primer hombre que vio, desde una cumbre de Panamá, los dos océanos. Los que allí vivían, ¿eran ciegos?

¿Quiénes pusieron sus primeros nombres al maíz y a la papa y al tomate y al chocolate y a las montañas y a los ríos de América? ¿Hernán Cortés, Francisco Pizarro? Los que allí vivían, ¿eran mudos?

Lo escucharon los peregrinos del Mayflower: Dios decía que América era la Tierra Prometida. Los que allí vivían, ¿eran sordos?

Después, los nietos de aquellos peregrinos del norte se apoderaron del nombre y de todo lo demás. Ahora, americanos son ellos. Los que vivimos en las otras Américas, ¿qué somos?

Eduardo Galeano, Espejos: una historia casi universal. (via fuckyeahlatinamericanhistory)

Los Barcos En La Bahia

Los Mozambiques


Los Mozambiques - Los Barcos En La Bahia



Thank you GOOGLE!!



Thank you GOOGLE!!

Aloe Blacc - Green Lights - YouTube

I love this song and Aloe Blacc.

P.S. he’s parents are Panamanian :)

Ligia Elena

Rubén Blades

Ruben Blades - Ligia Elena

Ligia Elena está contenta y su familia está a'fixi'á.
Eso del racismo, broder, no está en ná'.

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